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Software que usa recursos gráficos de ARASAAC



Set of tools, based on voice recognition, for the improvement of communication of people with speaking disorders. The suite is composed of six tools: Prelingua, Vocaliza L1 and L2, Cuéntame, ViVo and ReFoCas.


Prelingua: it works on different elements of pre-language and allows the monitoring of the vocalic emision on the part of the student.

Vocaliza: it works the articulatory level of language through the repetition of words and simple sentences and through easy riddles. 

Cuéntame: it works the pragmatic level of language through the presentation of scenes the student has to solve by describing objects or participating in a scene.

Additional information:
  • A microphone is needed. 


Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón (I3A)
Grupo de Tecnologías de las Comunicaciones (GTC)
Eduardo Lleida
William Ricardo Rodríguez
Carlos Vaquero
Antonio Escartín
Pedro Peguero
Óscar Saz Torralba
César Canalis Casasús
José Manuel Marcos Rodrigo

Web pages:
Goto Webpage: http://dihana.cps.unizar.es/~alborada/index.html http://dihana.cps.unizar.es/~alborada/index.html

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Type of Software:
Operating system:
Spanish Spanish
University of Zaragoza
Speech Therapy
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 32 bits
Windows 7 64 bits

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