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Software que usa recursos gráficos de ARASAAC

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MICE - Raton Virtual



Additional information:

The program has a pull-down menu that allows to configure the different options -design, configuration of the board, scrolling spped, cursor speed, etc.- we are going to use, adapting them to the individual features of each of the subjects.  

Another available option is saving and charging the mouse with the specific adaptations for each user. 


Departamento de Informática e Ingeniería de Sistemas del CPS de Zaragoza
CPEE Alborada
Joaquin Ezpeleta
Begoña Bergua Sánchez
María Isabel González Ramírez
César Canalis Casasús
José Manuel Marcos Rodrigo

Web pages:
Goto Webpage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/m-i-c-e/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/m-i-c-e/

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Spanish Spanish
University of Zaragoza
Computer Access
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 32 bits
Windows 7 64 bits

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