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Software que usa recursos gráficos de ARASAAC

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Picto Selector is an application for Windows designed to facilitate the selection and printing of pictograms. 

It offers more than 30.000 pictograms from Sclera.be, ARASAAC and Straight-Street.com and they are translated to Dutch, English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and French. The same application also supports these languages.

Selection and printing of pictograms in sheets in an easy a fast way.

Additional information:
  • It contains ARASAAC's pictograms, Sclera, Mulberry.
  • It has specific packages for the installation of ARASAAC's pictograms in Black and White and of the images in Spanish Sign Language. 
  • The pictograms can be automatically updated when the application starts. 


Martijn van der Kooij

Web pages:
Goto Webpage: http://www.pictoselector.eu/ http://www.pictoselector.eu/


Add to selection Download Software  Manual_PictoSelector.pdf (12.37 MB)

Add to selection Download Software  manuale_Pictoselector_IT.pdf (8.27 MB)

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Graphic editors with pictograms
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