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Looking for complete accessibility in communication
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2012-06-11 19:01:58

We've just found an extraordinary video of FEAPS where you can see how the adaptation of the closest environment of a person through pictograms for the signposting of spaces (shops, pubs, chemists...) and the use of communication books with pictograms allows people to express their wishes and needs in an autonomous way.

Being able to communicate is something very important for any human being. However, there are many people with intellectual disabilities who can't show their wishes or ideas; not even in the most basic activities in their lives like going to the chemist, having something in a pub or going shopping. 

Thus, when you watch this video, you realize there are still many barriers to knock down in order to reach a universal accessibility but it's worth making an effort and invest in projects such as ARASAAC's one, which helps to improve life quality and the autonomy of many people. 

Don't miss is it.


New module in TIC TEA for PC and In-TIC for mobile devices, based in Android, with ARASAAC pictograms
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2011-10-21 12:02:26

Today we again feel proud to announce that there are two new versions of In-TIC already available:


  • Version for Android Mobiles: In the creators' words: "In-TIC Mobile is a free application that allows the adaptation and simplification of the main functionalities of Android mobile device (whether the phone or the tablet) to each person's features or needs. Besides, for people with communication difficulties, the device may also be configured as a dynamic communicator.  In this way, with In-TIC Mobile, each person will have his/her mobile device customized and adapted to his/her own needs or abilities." The application functions with a  host system which is installed in Windows computers and has ARASAAC pictograms' database incorporated. From the host application we configure the access environment to the mobile and the communicator, adapting it to the user's needs. Once configured and having the Android mobile synchronized with our computer, from the host application we transfer the configuration to the mobile. When this mobile starts, it will load the access module to the mobile or communicator (depending to our configuration). You can download it from this link: http://www.proyectosfundacionorange.es/intic/Descargas/inticmovil.exe and download the manual from here: http://www.proyectosfundacionorange.es/intic/Descargas/manualusointicmovil.pdf

We'd like to thank all EMEDIR team for the great job done and their trust into our project. Besides, we'd also like to thank Orange Foundation, for their support to initiatives that make life a bit easier for people with functional diversity.

We invite you all to download and spread it. 


PAC Communicator for Ipod/Iphone with ARASAAC pictograms
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2011-06-09 02:46:55

Today we're proud to announce that you have the PAC Communicator (Personal Adaptive Communicator) available for iOS (Ipod/Iphone). It'been developed by Rubén Velasco in the App Store and it¡s totally free. 

The Personal Adaptive Communicator is a communication system for people with severe communication problems (autism, neurological disorders, motor disabilities, aphasia) whcih uses ARASAAC's pictograms and  spoken phrases. 

The program includes an initial catalogue of about 600 pictograms that allow a basic functional communication to any user.  

We encourage you to download it and spread the news as, apart from the proven efficiency  of the PAC Communicator in its version for Pocket PC, it's the first free application for Ipod/Iphone. No doubts initiatives like this of Ruben have to be acknowledged.


Visual learners and ARASAAC in the initiative: 40 days in bed
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2011-06-08 04:24:34

Last Tuesday, the blog "Aprendices visuales" (Visual Learners) participated in the initiative "40 días en la cama. Por un mundo más Slow" (40 days in bed. For a Slower World), revealing their project which aims at editting books for learning and entertainment for children with autism, Asperger syndrome or Down syndrome. These books make use of pictograms and illustrations. The first book Visual Learners have created is "El calzoncillo de José" (Joseph's underpants) and it uses ARASAAC pictograms. We'd like to thank Miriam for having mentioned our project in the interview she had with Ivan and Camy, the people in charge of the initiative. 


Pictograms package in Danish
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2011-09-30 12:12:47

Thanks to the extraordinary work developed by Michael Hjort-Pedersen from "Kommunikationscentret i Hillerød" in Denmark, we have the color pictograms package translated to Danish in the downloads section.


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