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Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2016-04-28 14:21:05

The APC Communicator (Adaptable Personal Communicator) created by Rubén Velasco is already available for iOS (Ipad) at the App Store for free.

The  Adaptable Personal Communicator is a communication system for people with severe communicative problems (autism, neurological diseases, motoric disabilities) which uses ARASAAC pictograms and spoken phrases.

The program incorporates an initial catalogue of about 550 pictograms which allow a basic functional communication to any user.


Compared to the Ipod/Iphone version we introduced in a previous entry, the Ipad version presents some differences and improvements: 

  • Management of users: in this version you can create different users and manage the communicator for each of them.


  • Redesign of the communicator’s interface: Now the categories appear on a left column and their content is loaded in the central section of the interface on the right column. No doubt this facilitates communication as you always have the categories available at visible so you can change from one to another in an easy and intuitive way.
  • Symbols with text: when you load the content of the categories, you can see how each of the symbols shows the word at the top.
  • Cumulative sentence: in this newIpad version, you can accumulate the sentence we are creating. Thus, on top of the column showing the content of the categories, the sentence will appear as it’s being created with the symbols you select. Once created, you can listen to the whole sentence or delete it.


You can already download and spread it as, apart from the proven efficiency of the Iphone version of the APC Communicator, it’s the first Ipad application available for free.

This new version makes the most of the tablets’ possibilities and of their wider screen. Besides offering the same functionalities than the Iphone/Ipod version,  its exponentially improvement by introducing improvements and functionalities, place the APC Communicator at the same level as other commercial communicators with an unbeatable quality/Price relationship.

Once more, we’d like to thank Rubén Velasco for his effort and altruism freely offering the whole community an extraordinary communicator and for relying on ARASAAC as the pictographic system for it. 


Baluh: Communicator for Iphone, Ipad, Ipod
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2011-10-20 22:05:34

After some months of development, since today you have at your disposal a new application, Baluh, for Apple (Ipad, Iphone, Ipod,...) mobile devices to be downloaded in iTunes. It provides a pictographic communicator for all those people who require these type of solutions as an augmentative or alternative means for communication.  

Baluh, once installed in the device, allows the download of ARASAAC pictograms. However, the download of ARASAAC pictograms is optional and takes place after acquiring and installing the applications so as not to break the terms of Creative Commons license under which they are distributed, as the application has a symbolic price of 2,99€ during the months of August and September.  

According to its developers, this symbolic price "is addressed to cover the application development expenses and the maintenance expenses of hosting and net traffic in the pictos download"

If you choose to download and install ARASAAC pictos, you will have a selection of about 436 pictos at your disposal, associated to their spoken phrases, which has been developed by the Speech Therapy Department of PAIDEIA FOUNDATION. They constitute the base to create an "iBook" covering a high percentage of users with language specific needs. 

From that base, the tutor/speech therapist/educator has to choose the pictos to create "My Book" for each user, being able to add new pictograms that will be directly downloaded from ARASAAC or create new pictos with their own images and spoken phrases recorded from the very same programme. 

The final goal of Baluh, as its developers explain in the web is: "to allow the user to communicate with his/her environment in a fast and everlasting way. Baluh is quite focused on children and adults with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), within which we find Rett Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, autism spectrum, ... with language specific needs. Besides, it may also be of great utility for users with cerebral paralysis, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia,  cerebrovascular disease or a traumatic cerebral injury. Baluh can be a useful solution at hospitals and specific services for rehabilitation".

We'd like to finish congratulating Josep Martínez, Sergi Vélez and all their team for the extraordinary work developed and for offering an application which, for sure, will help many people to have a voice and to communicate. 


Free download of the installation package of ARASAAC Pictograms for The Grid 2.
Written by: Gestor  Palabras ARASAACthe 2011-10-20 20:38:15

Some time ago Sensory Software, creators of The Grid 2, started recommending -in their webpage- ARASAAC Pictograms, as another alternative to develop augmentative communicaton materials with that application.

After a period of time working together and thanks to the collaboration of Sensory SoftwareBJ Adaptaciones and ARASAAC , we can announce that the installator of ARASAAC Pictograms for The Grid 2 (freely downloadable) is already available. It allows using the pictograms without having to include them one by one, apart from allowing easy searches within the application. 

In this page of BJ Adaptaciones, you will also find the installator and a fully detailed manual about the package installation and configuration of the pictograms within that application. 

For those of us who make ARASAAC possible, it's another reason to make us feel very proud of the work done, at the same time we feel a higher responsability.

Our most sincere thanks to Sensory Software and BJ Adaptaciones for their trust on our pictograms and on ARASAAC Portal.



ARASAAC in Google Plus
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2011-09-30 11:54:26

In order to offer a new and more social channel of communication that allows our great community of followers and collaborators to receive news, resources and materials generated around the world of Special Education, Augmentative Communication, Universal Accessibility, etc, ARASAAC is already present in Google , the new social network developed by Google. We invite you to follow us in Google.



New domain and official blog of ARASAAC
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2011-09-30 12:09:39

We're happy to announce that, in order to facilitate the access to ARASAAC and to improve communication with all our visitors, he have acquired arasaac.org domain, where you can find ARASAAC's web from now on. The address http://catedu.es/arasaac will continue working as now and it will coexist with the new one for some months or indefinitely. 

Besides, we have opened a new channel of communication in Spanish, ARASAAC's blog, where you can keep updated about news dealing with the project, with augmentative communication, examples of use of ARASAAC's pictograms, new developments and software and other news related to Special Education.

As we already informed, ARASAAC will be offline from mid July and for about 15 days to a month due to maintenance tasks and the reorganization of the servers. During that time, the Blog will be online and will allow you to know the dates for the stop and start of the servers. 

The address of the blog is: http://blog.arasaac.org

Due to the importance of this news, we kindly request you to spread it in all the channels and means possible so the highest number of our followers and collaborators are able to know and use ARASAAC's new address and its blog.

Thank you.


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