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New downloadable packages of pictograms in Spanish
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2016-04-28 13:15:30

The new downloadable packages of pictograms in Spanish are already available at the downloads section of this blog or at the downloads section of the portal.

As well as with previous packages, we offer the full package in Colour and Black and White with the new pictograms created by Sergio Palao and a reduced package also in Colour and Black and White which only includes the last added pictograms. 

We recommend you to download the full package as, apart from the latest added pictograms, it includes the changes in the dictionary and in their assignment to the pictograms. As you already know, ARASAAC dictionary of senses is under continuous development adding not only new senses but also modifying the assignment of pictograms to them. 

We continue working on the creation of new pictograms. However, as we mentioned some time before, we are open to your suggestions of new pictograms or of new topics to be developed. Don't hesitate to contact us if you miss any pictogram.