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PAC Communicator for Ipod/Iphone with ARASAAC pictograms
Written by: Administrador Portal  the 2011-06-09 02:46:55

Today we're proud to announce that you have the PAC Communicator (Personal Adaptive Communicator) available for iOS (Ipod/Iphone). It'been developed by Rubén Velasco in the App Store and it¡s totally free. 

The Personal Adaptive Communicator is a communication system for people with severe communication problems (autism, neurological disorders, motor disabilities, aphasia) whcih uses ARASAAC's pictograms and  spoken phrases. 

The program includes an initial catalogue of about 600 pictograms that allow a basic functional communication to any user.  

We encourage you to download it and spread the news as, apart from the proven efficiency  of the PAC Communicator in its version for Pocket PC, it's the first free application for Ipod/Iphone. No doubts initiatives like this of Ruben have to be acknowledged.