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If you wish to colaborate with our project by sharing the materials you have elaborated with the resources ARASAAC offers write us to arasaac@gmail.com

Materiales TEACCH - Nos vamos de pesca

Material manipulativo tipo TEACCH para identificar y evocar los animales que viven en el agua.

Para elaborar este material, debemos imprimir y plastificar los distintos animales y colocar un imán en la parte inferior de los animales acuáticos. Para elaborar la caña de pescar, utilizamos un palo de madero o de plastico y en la parte del anzuelo, colocamos otro imán.

Screen shot captures:

Marimar Vicente Matute


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Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Languages: Spanish 

Classification data

Individual Game
Collective game
ARASAAC pictograms
Early Childhood Education
Special Education
Primary Education
SENP/Educational reinforcement
People with Mental disability
Language and Literature
sub Prelinguistic skills
sub Semantics
Natural, Social and Cultural

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