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If you want to look for SSL meanings, you can check our SSL Videos or Pictures catalogues.


Website of the National Confederation of Deaf People.

Organization dedicated to eliminate barriers to communication. It has a section from which you can access or freely download materials related to the LSE and the Deaf Community. 

Website of the Association of the Deaf in Zaragoza and Aragon 

Organization dedicated to eliminating barriers to communication on the autonomous community of Aragon. Make amendments to various products (DVD, websites, museum guides ,...) at LSE. 

Website of the European Union of the Deaf 

Website of the World Federation of the Deaf


Materials, Bibliography and other websites:


The first library of a sign language. Includes bibliographical material, summarize and explain, or translated into sign language on: literature (fairy tales, poetry), linguistics (grammar of sign language), education (experiences, conferences), deaf culture and community, and materials. Can be accessed to read the first descriptive study of the LSE in our country: "Sign language"; Rodríguez González, M ª Angeles. Barcelona, National Confederation of Deaf People in Spain, Fundación ONCE, 1992. 

Video-European dictionary sign language and platform research and dissemination of the deaf culture. LSE International Sign System Sign Language and French. 

Spread the sign is an international project Leonardo da Vinci Its goal is the spread of sign language in different countries via the Internet. 

Free Dictionary Sign Language (LS Catalan and French), has a section "Signes du Monde" which displays a list of available resources on sign language in different countries)