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    Aragonese Centre for Augmentative & Alternative Communication

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Examples of use


Associazione Angelman
Gruppo Bar e Caffetterie Ascom - Bergamo

Web pages:
Goto Webpage: http://www.associazioneangelman.it/?page_id=1702 http://www.associazioneangelman.it/?page_id=1702
Goto Webpage: http://www.larassegna.it/2016/10/03/al-bar-e-al-ristorante-scelgo-io-menzione-al-progetto-dellascom/ http://www.larassegna.it/2016/10/03/al-bar-e-al-ristorante-scelgo-io-menzione-al-progetto-dellascom/


Add to selection Download Software  Salvamanteles_Restaurantes_ARASAAC_A3_1.doc (256 KB)

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Add to selection Download Software  Salvamanteles_Restaurantes_ARASAAC_A4_1.doc (262 KB)

Add to selection Download Software  Salvamanteles_Restaurantes_ARASAAC_A4_1.pdf (239.14 KB)

Add to selection Download Software  Salvamanteles_Restaurantes_ARASAAC_A4_2.doc (262 KB)

Add to selection Download Software  Salvamanteles_Restaurantes_ARASAAC_A4_2.pdf (377.26 KB)

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